James Bullough & Karl Addison (aka JBAK) in-depth profile video

JBAK (James Bullough Addison Karl) is the name under which two of Berlin’s most active and creative artists work together. Hailing from Baltimore and Seattle respectively, they have been known to create some of the most striking murals in Berlin . Check out this profile video courtesy of the Berlin Collective.

Artist Introduction of Karl Addison and James Bullough – JBAK from karl addison on Vimeo.

Those familiar with the work of James and Karl will be aware of the differences in their styles. However, as this video explains they have discovered a harmony in amongst these differences that has been utilised to create some really great work.

Additionally, check out this video from Berlin-Artparasites, interviewing James during the creation of the Turiner Strasse mural created  back in November ’11. UKB

All photos from Karl’s Flickr.