The Birth of Urbankulturblog

Urbankulturblog’s aim is to collect or produce various articles/videos/pictures/scribblings on cigarette packets/overheard conversations in pubs on subjects relating to urban culture, in hopefully as unpretentious a manner as possible.

Having given that a quick scan we’ve possibly failed at the first attempt with the name of the blog. That’s only because it seems any other vaguely related terms have already gone, or are going to cost some sweet, sweet mulah.

Anyway. Urban culture. A pretty catch all term, then. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep a strong and healthy piss-stream of interesting content for at least a few months, made up of online stuff, things we’ve stumbled across, and maybe a few things we’ve come up with ourselves. These will be noticeably poorer in quality than the other items I’m sure, and so should be easy enough to spot.

Well, here goes. Enjoy. If you feel inclined, leave a comment on any of the posts.


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