Blu, new wall, Valencia.

On the run up to FAME festival 2011 in Grottaglie, Italy (more on this later), Italian street art legend Blu has been busy ‘warming up’ in Valencia, as these photos from his blog show.

According to Blu’s blog, and the photographic evidence, this wall was painted without the normal mural-painting aids. No scaffolding. No lifts. Just a lot of extendable painting devices and a sore neck probably! Nice little touch with the yellow smiley pill…

Blu, Valencia.
Blu, Valencia. (hard work!)
Blu, Valencia.
Blu, Valencia, finished!
The finishing touch!

For anyone with an appreciation of these kind of large scale pieces, later this month a festival in the village of Grottaglie will offer up several blank wall spaces for artists to work with as part of FAME festival.

Curated by Studiocromie, “a one man (+ his parents) screenprinting studio, without any kind of sponsorship from external sources”, the festival is being brought to an area with a rich ceramics history, and will take place in one of it oldest ceramics workshops when it opens on 25th September.

To round off the festival, at the end of fourth week everything created by the artists, including new original artworks, screenprints and ceramic pieces made with the collaboration of local artisans will be showcased in a final group show.

Really great idea for a festival, with an impressive array of the some of the best street artists from around the world. Looking forward to catching more work from FAME soon.


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