‘Unlike U’ Trainwriting Film, Berlin.

This video isn’t new, not by a long way. When I visited Berlin back in 2008 for the first time and was introduced to the world renowned street art scene – one throw up appeared EVERYWHERE.

1 up
1UP crew Berlin.

It belonged to the infamous ‘1UP’ crew. ‘Unlike U’ a fantastic documentary not only exploring the work of various trainwriters in Berlin, but also a more in depth look at those behind the work, had some footage that fans of trainwriting won’t tire of watching! If you haven’t seen this film yet, stick it on your list, you won’t be disappointed. Nice soundtrack to this video again.

Great bit when the police turn up about 10 mins too late…!

1Up seem to specialise in having their stuff in the most impossible places. Normally easily visible from street level, and unsurprisingly high up, they have Berlin covered.


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