FAME ’11 Round up

Escif has been busy with his own unique brand of thoughftul street art at FAME festival this year. With continuing news about the dire state of global finances, and the seemingly irreparable damage to the world banking system, his mural depicting the power of money is well timed! Really like the delivery of his message through his uncomplicated style.

Escif @ Fame '11

There have been some real boundary pushing pieces of street art coming out of FAME this year, really cool to see these artists throwing everything at their work. Newcomer to the FAME scene, and youngest at an impressionable 22 (!), Aryz produced arguably the most awe-inspiring piece so far. His shrimp has a touch of  ‘fear and loathing’ about it. He’s going to be one to keep an eye on, lots of time for some real mad pieces yet.


Aryz @ Fame - LSD shrimp with a top hat...BRILLIANT

And finally, UKB are big fans of Sam3. His enormous and beautiful murals don’t go unnoticed, ans are normally painted exclusively in black. But he’s really gone for something appealing to the 12-year-old boy in us, while giving it the FAME treatment. This isn’t any normal piece. Pretty cool perception trick here that’s becoming more and more popular at the moment. See if you can figure out the end product by checking each picture individually.

Sam3, any clearer?

Well if you didn’t get it after that last one, you never will. I present to you, Sam3’s phallic optical illusion.


Sam3, FAME 11



  1. The last is fine thought but the subject of the draw … I’m not really a fan … especially how he was drawn. I expected better after the first one which was awesome

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