UKB September Round-up.

As this is the first full month that we’ve completed, it’s probably a good idea to keep track every so often of our favourite and most popular posts over the course of the month. So here’s September in 5 posts…

  • Matthias Makarinus released his incredible time lapse video entitled ‘Berlin Dynamic’. Some pretty impressive content, keep an eye out for the River Spreee party boats! See this post here.
  • Ojo Senor’s LED paste ups were highlighted, cool original work that we really liked! Check them out here.
  • Blu’s wall in Valencia, possibly a warm up for an appearance at FAME, was an impressive piece especially considering the lack of any hydraulic devices, just a whole bunch of long sticks and ladders to make this one here.
  • UKB spoke exclusively to Phlegm about his plans for Nuart, where he revealed his indoor piece would be a pretty epic piece documenting the evolution of his unmistakable characters, re-read this post here.
  • C215 painted some great new work in France, which has since led to an in depth interview with the man behind them, Christian Guemy. Check out his paintings here.

Big thank you to all who have checked out the blog, added UKB on Facebook, and shared or re-posted any of our blog.

Here’s to October!


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