One of UKB’s favourite street artists is Christian Guemy, who paints under the name C215. This video was posted on his facebook page, and sums up the man and his work in a minute and a half!

 C215 - Portrait of Edie Sedgwick

Some really interesting words in this succinct interview. One of the bits I picked up on was that he prefers to do small pieces as people can ignore them if they don’t want to see them. I like this idea, particularly at a time when ‘bigger, bigger, BIGGER’ seems to be the main trend. His pieces are there for those who want to see them, or are intrigued them, but don’t intrude on those who have no interest. A refreshing perspective and you really get the feeling he lives his art.

You can read what he had to say to us at the end of last month, here.


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