Something a little different for this Thursday afternoon. With all eyes in the street art world firmly focussed on Moniker Art Fair this weekend, we thought we’d take this opportunity to let our minds wander elsewhere. Through Unurth we discovered Aakash Nihalani, an artist working in the studio and the streets and producing something a little unusual using brightly coloured strips of tape and/or board. Some of them start playing tricks with your mind…

Pretty cool stuff! Not content with that, he also has one of the coolest and most entertainign websites going. Check it out here!

Thanks to Unurth  and Aakash’s Flickr  and Twitpic for these photos, and to William Zoe FitzGerald for the video (link below).

FatBlooded – Following Aakash Nihalani from William Zoe FitzGerald on Vimeo.


Aakash Nihalani


Aaakash Nihalani, India

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