Here’s the second instalment of Michael Hynd’s photography from this weekend’s Moniker Art Fair and some other pieces thrown in for good measure. Check out part one here  if you haven’t done so already. We’ll post the next set soon! UKB
Moniker 11
Dabs Myla finished piece
Best Ever finishing off the last of the live painting walls
Best Ever in action
Nearby piece - any idea of artist? UKB EDIT: Artist is 'Insa' - thank you Nikko says Burr!


  1. I can’t believe all that art comes from cans!

    Is the “Adore & Endure” part of the Fair? or has that always been there? Very cool.

    I really dig that last piece, tucked away on the side of that building– it deserves better exposure!

    1. Yeah pretty amazing, not all from spray cans, but a can of some sort!

      The “Adore & Endure” part, as far as I’m aware, is not related to Moniker, however the 3 ‘window’ style pieces are. They were used this year for live painting so I’m told.

      Yeah it’s awesome, the sort of piece that when you stumble across it you know you’ve found a gem!


      1. The Adore & Endure was done at least years show by an American artist… I forget what his name is though. The last pic was done by INSA!! (@INSALAND)

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