This new piece from Rime is really sweet, but even more impressive when you become aware of the process behind it. His original idea was to create a piece reminscent of the trainwriting style of the 70s and 80s in NYC where trains would be covered in paste-ups from front to back. Rime explained the idea as “treating bunched characters like a repeated series of throw ups”. Check this piece from SE3;

With this in mind Rime sketched out 13 of his characters for use on the wall in Miami. However, in reality, the wall was a little longer than the 13 characters originally envisaged. In fact it was almost 5 times longer! Rime therefore created the remianing 37 characters freestyle, which he described as “a real pain in the ass due to all of the foot traffic, chaos, and people approaching me while working over the weekend”.

Well, from the finished product it looks like all the distractions and pains in the ass were definitely worth it. To appreciate it fully he advises seeing it in person or “while driving 45mph down NE Miami Ave…”. We know which we’d prefer! Rime finishes up by sayin that he’s likely to try this again, we look forward to seeing it! Check out the photos (all from Rime’s blog) UKB



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