Australian street artist Rone has been busy over the festive period, getting up in Hong Kong, Paris, London and Jamaica. His posters are regarded as some of the most instantly recongniseable and inconic in Australia and can be found lingering under overpasses in the countries cities.

As noted on Rone’s website, from all the artists that were part of Melbourne’s stencil boom in the early 00s, Rone is the only on left who still gets work up not only in Melbourne, but in some of the biggest cities across the world. Additionally his work has been acquisitioned by the National Gallery of Australia in 2010, an achievement not to be sniffed at…

Take a look at some of the pieces he’s been producing of late alongside the likes of Eine and Stik in Europe, America and Asia, courtesy of his website – and keep up the good work Rone! UKB


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