With 2011 now behind us, it’s time for us to wrap up UKB’s coverage of the latter part of the year with the December round-up. As ever, there’s been plenty happening over the last month, so in no particular order, here are our highlights.

  • Aryz produced another astounding wall, this time in Lisboa, for the anniversary of the Montana shop opening in the city.
  • We covered Daisuke Takahashi’s skating film Subspecies, particularly Guo Miyagi’s impressive freestyle skating. Definitely worth a purchase…
  • Roa was in Miami during December, and created this manatee – excellent use of the walls available to him!
  • As native Edinburgers, we were delighted to make it along to the inaugural Secret Wars event in the city, which saw the Edinburgh team emerge victorious after a hard-fought battle with the talented Glasgow team.
  • Blu’s Buenos Aires mural sparked debate over its meaning, we settles with the idea that it was a comment on planet Earth’s colossal population growth, that topped 7 billion shortly before he created this.
  • Finally, after much thought, we’ve changed the layout of our Facebook page, now operating as an organisation/magazine page. We’ve lost the ability to hold conversations through Facebook chat, so ‘like’ us and contact us at urbankulturblog@gmail.com, or comment on any of our posts!

Hope to see you all in 2012, hope it’s a good one for you all! UKB

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