Having recently photographed Lucas and Malarky’s piece on Redchurch Street during our visit to London, we were happy to hear that the pair have revisited the monster piece to give it a bit of love. At the time it had been dogged with tags, and wasn’t looking in the best condition. However, this recent re-paint looks great!

Local graffiti artist Kamba has shown a bit of resentment towards the pair with several shutters and walls being targeted, seemingly with the intent of explaining his/her point of view that street art belongs solely in the street (and not in galleries, where their work has appeared recently). Messages such as “street art is not a business” get their point of view across. Loud and clear.

Regardless of your point of view on this never-ending debate, the new pieces springin up by the pair are vibrant and are a welcome addition to Redchurch Street and Shoreditch. UKB

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Photos courtesy of Graffoto Blog & Hookedblog

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  1. That is one happy style they got there! Weird to think that some folks deface others’ graffiti with graffiti, which then has to be carefully repaired with more graffiti… : )

    There is no art form that doth not bring forth professional jealousy…

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