“The Cave” is a private venue for street artists in Berlin to exercise their creativity without consequences, organised by James Bullough. As a result, some of the work that has been coming out of the project has been really great, what follows is the description of the purpose of the group and it’s purposes along with some of the best stuff to emerge from it recently.

The CAVE is a secret space in Berlin where a group of street artist meet once a week to work and collaborate in a safe and encouraging environment without worry of police or interference. The main goal of the CAVE is to promote creativity and experimentation while giving the artists involved a chance to share ideas, collaborate, and make new contacts.

The works created here have no audience since nobody else has access to this space and therefore nobody will see the work. The artists involved therefore are encouraged to try new things and use this space as a testing ground for future projects or collaborations.

These first two pieces are the result of regular collaborators James Bullough and Karl Addison (JBAK), while the final piece is from exciting Australian artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers. UKB

Meryt Mural - Berlin - Artist James Bullough and Addison Karl

Hands Covering Face - At The Cave - Berlin - Artist James Bullough & Addison Karl

Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Photos from the Cave flickr group


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