During our visit to London at the start of the year there were a few photos we took but didn’t get round to posting. These two are of Roa, the infamous street artist from Ghent in Belgium.

For those unfamiliar with his work, it often concentrates on the animals and creatures that can be found in the cities and surrounding areas where he paints…but not always the most glamorous ones…UKB


  1. i like these pictures, i would really love to find these awesome graffiti spots just so that i could post something close to the amazing images you take. i think that my favourite is the stork because it stands so grand amongst the buildings.
    thankyou for posting 🙂
    keep smiling!

    1. Hello Emma,

      Thanks for your comment, glad you like the photos. Roa’s work is always pretty breathtaking, the stork is definitely one of my favourite pieces in that area of London.

      If you’d like to know where we found them, drop us an e-mail (urbankulturblog@gmail.com), be glad to help you seek out similar works to photograph! 🙂


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