With the G40 Art Summit in it’s third year, Richmond (Virginia) is the location for 2012’s event promising some of the best large-scale (and later, small scale) work from 13 of the worlds best muralists. This year’s event takes on special significance for the city as it will be the inaugural event for the city’s art district. The 20 murals painted over a 10 block radius will help to establish the area as an artistic hotbed for years to come.

In addition to the large scale murals, G40 will also present an exhibit in pop up galleries along the main street of the district. With canvas work and installations by each mural artist, these shows will offer the opportunity to experience a more personal scale and a closer look at the execution and detailing of the mural artists’ work.

With the event due to run until May 4th, there’s plenty of exciting stuff to come. In the meantime, here’s a quick round up of the work completed so far inclduding Lelo & PixelPancho, with a few extra pieces from ROA and Aryz as part of the second wave…UKB

Photos from here SOURCE / and here SOURCE 2 

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