Last week Boiler Room added to the list of illustrious DJs and producers to have performed in the unique space, by inviting James Murphy to record a 50 minute mix. Even the guys organising this event had to admit ”it’s times like these we lose any kind of self control and turn into screaming, adoring fans. Losing your cool is alright sometimes.’

Here’s a good introduction to James Murphy’s background from;

Taking the torch from Talking Heads’ David Byrne and running with it, Murphy almost singlehandedly brought back the cultural exchange between indie and dance music as the leading man with his musical project, LCD Soundsystem. With LCD has celebrated two Grammy nominations (for their self-titled debut LP and the classic ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’) and received fantastic critical acclaim for their second album, ‘Sound Of Silver’. With LCD’s third album ‘This Is Happening’, Murphy announced the band’s retirement in 2010.  A purveyor of disco and old school rooted house music, James Murphy seems not to be bored of the dynamics of nightclubs and is even developing his own DJ rotary mixer.



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