Despite the start to 2012 being decidedly bleak musically, with the future of the city’s more underground nightlife hugely uncertain, over the past week or so, there has been much to shout about.

The second installation of the Annexe’s 49hz night saw London’s Mosca take to the decks despite being delayed in London for 6 hours, whisked out of the airport, into a taxi and onto the Annexe stage in front of a crowd hyped after some great support from the residents (whose name I found out, and promptly forgot…damn vodka). The night was definitely one of the best Edinburgh has served up in some time, with a varied set including crowd favourites ‘Bax’ and ‘Tilt Shift’ that were both very well received by the 200 or so lucky party-goers.

I’m certain all in attendance were very happy that, despite the horrendous delay south of the border, Mosca turned up and delivered a great night.

Next up, ‘Blawan’ at the soon to be reopened Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh on May 31st. The future’s looking good…! UKB

Photos courtesy of the Artificial Asylum

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