It’s been a long time coming (well, 6 months to be exact) but the 3rd edition of the extremely popular biannual graffiti magazine ‘Canela’ is now available to buy. It was welcomed onto the shelves (both electronic and physical!) at Impaktes Visuals, with everything from live painting (by Dyse) to live rap performances, and the ever-reliable raffle.

The magazine is produced in Barcelona, but due to increasing popularity and a range of outlets selling the magazine throughout Europe there has been an increase of content from farther afield. The 3rd Edition includes some great content. El Pez was interviewed by Canela, after he spent some time in London earlier in the year, as well as a feature and interview with C3P0 described as one of the ‘fathers of graffiti’.

In addition to this, there’s a collection of old material from the 80s – early 2000s, a compilation of legal walls and a lot more to make the 4Euro price tag a bargain.

Finally, the magazine features some of the photography of Urbankulturblog, including images of work from our recent trip to London! So please support the Canela, and keep a few pounds/dollars/euros spare to grab your copy here. UKB

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