The ‘Silence is a Lie’ exhibition kicked off late last month on the 28th of June in Berlin within the historic SEZ building (Sport und Erholungszentrum). The venue, now regenerated as a creative hub, as well as sporting/recreation centre, has more than 2000 square metres of exhibition space and is due to remain open every weekend for three months. The venue will host a lot of additional events during this time such as music performances, and various workshops.

JBAK (James Bullough and Karl Addison) again have produced a couple of pieces that include their signature blend of illustrative techniques/elements fused within hyper-realistic portraits. The 12×3 meter mural is prominently displayed at the entrance of the gallery. Both pieces were constructed and painted on site including the canvas for the studio piece which JBAK built from scrap wood they found lying around the SEZ.

The exhibition organisers took their initial inspiration from the Yevgeny Yetuschenko quote “when the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie”. For the next 3 months the work (considered part of the urban art movement generally) rethinks and questions the actual parameters of art without necessarily intending to do so – a movement that the organisers say ‘breaks the silence imposed by the conformance of the majority, offering its truth about reality through art’.

Remember to swing by if you’re in Berlin to the SEZ building, and check out JBAK as well as the plethora of other excellent artists exhibiting! UKB


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