Over the last week or so Fin DAC, the London based street artist hailing from Cork in Ireland, has been a busy man over in France, painting for the street art project Paris Free Walls. The project is a community supported mural initiative produced by the MSAGallery and some of the world’s most talented contemporary artists.

So far work from the likes of Sten & Lex, Faith 47, DAL and Bristol’s very own Nick Walker has appeared in Paris, with more still to come.

Back to this latest work by Fin DAC, though. You may remember his piece back in East London back in April, his style is certainly distinctive mixing realistically painted portraits of beautiful women, often incorporating stencil work, with a splash of colour to give the street/urban feel and draw your attention as you wander past.

These new pieces in France continue to impress, see what you think and let us know! UKB

Images from Streetartnews.net

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