UKB014 – Clerk

Berlin/Bayreuth based Clerk [Shadowforces/Shadowdub] steps up for UKB014 with this bass-heavy jungle mix.

Clerk gave some background to his selection: “I wanted to feature the more minimal and experimental offbeat/halftime side that drum & bass, or bass music generally, in that tempo has to offer at the moment. It’s a great new environment for the sound with the wide space and atmosphere – it’s not that full throttle hands up sound.

“There are 2 tunes featured by Kit Curse & Visor (with a VIP by Species) that are out on our label,  the Visor feat. Kit Curse – Anguish tune is an exclusive teaser, as it’s not out until early next year.”

Clerk, a producer/DJ from Germany, who alongside founder Species ( runs the Shadowforces label ( based in Berlin. Their aim is, and will always be, to put out music by talented people with or without a name in the scene, that fits the Shadowforces vibe.

Clerk met Species in a local record store called Coast2Coast back in 2004 in Bayreuth. They found out that they were on the same wavelength sound-wise and hooked up immediately.

It took a while, Species moved to Berlin, but in 2009 they released the first vinyl release called “ON” – the switch that started the label engine. Now in 2013, they have a solid back catalogue of tunes as well as a new born sister label called “Shadowdub” for the deep & dark end of dubstep.

The future is looking bright with a plenty of fresh material to release in 2014.

1. Kit Curse – Omicron Alpha (Species VIP)
2. Clarity+Ruffhouse – Persecute
3. dBridge+Skeptical – Move Way
4. Clarity – Sombre
5. Gunston – Medikahn
6. Visor feat. Kit Curse – Anguish
7. Axon – STTR
8. Hydro+War+Mateba – Entropy
9. Reza – Unknown Feelings
10. Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Om Unit Rollers VIP)
11. Loxy+Resound+Consequence – Project No Name
12. Displaced Paranormals feat. Cone – Pandorum
13. Noel+Exit9 – Pressure Chamber
14. Cern+J.Robinson – Tidal
15. Genotype – Above Polotics
16. Rick Grant – Crossing (Consequence‘s ‚Crossing Paths‘ Remix)
17. M-Zine+Scepticz – Point Of No Return
18. Nphonix – Reach Out (OM Unit Remix)
19. Stray – Prof Popper

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