The Art School in Glasgow, the multi-purpose music and events venue of the Glasgow School of Art, plays host to legendary Berlin-based label Ostgut Ton this weekend presented by Animal Farm Records. The techno giant travels to Scotland for their first showcase in the country, and makes the trip one that’s worthwhile, with the promise of a tinnitus-inducing 10 hours of techno.

The Ostgut Ton label brought into existence in 2005 is owned by Berghain, the Berlin club that is nearly as famous for its door policy as its banging techno. The label, guided by Nick Höppener is known worldwide to release some of the finest techno tracks from the likes of Ben Klock (who, incidentally plays in Edinburgh the same night), Prosumer and Tama Sumo.

Starting at the pretty alien time (by UK standards anyway) of 6pm, the night will get underway with the Animal Farm guys taking to the decks, steering the night dutifully in the direction of 3 producers/DJs I am very excited to see in action. Function, Marcel Dettmann and Martyn.


Function at Culture Box in May as part of the Ostgut Ton Nacht.

Fresh off the back of his Boiler Room appearance last week, Function will be performing a live 1hr set in Room 1. I was lucky enough to catch the New Yorker at Copenhagen’s Culture Box earlier this year on May Day weekend, ably supported by Tama Sumo. His performance really set the place off. Everyone will be hoping for more of the same this weekend, and I’m sure he won’t disappoint.

For an idea of what to expect, have a listen to the live set he performed last year on Boiler Room Berlin below (his most recent is yet to be uploaded unfortunately, but is definitely worth keeping an eye out for).

Going by last week’s performance I’d love to see him for longer than the hour slot he’s taking up, but regardless, it’ll be unmissable. And for that matter unstoppable – judging by the trouble the Boiler Room guys had in getting him to wind his set up…

Diverse Dutchman, Martyn, has released his first LP The Air Between Words in almost 3 years and looks set to take the headline slot in Room 2 between 1am and 4am. Since the critically acclaimed Ghost People was released in 2011 I’ve been looking for him to make an appearance in Edinburgh. It just so happens that within the space of a few days he’s set to make his first appearance in my hometown and another only a short trip down the M8.

I guess it’s like they say, you wait for one Martyn performance, and 2 come at once… Both appearances will be ones to savour, though. Everyone will be hoping to catch some of that unpredictability on Saturday, and that he has the chance to drop one or two of the tracks from the new LP into his set…

Finally, back in Room 1 for the conclusion to the evening, the man at the decks will need little introduction. As his RA profile states; “Ruff, rugged and raw. Mentioning Marcel Dettmann as well as his feeling for and vision of electronic music, his way of dealing with it, is impossible without these attributes”.

Those two sentences sum Marcel up better than I ever could, so there’s no real need for me to go any further here. It’ll be a fitting way to close what is sure to be a night to remember.

All this will be fuelled appropriately by a limited supply of Club Mate the Berlin energy drink of choice for the evening. All the more reason to get down early!



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