Leith Late’s year round venture ‘The Shutter Project’ marked another milestone with the completion of Erin McGrath’s shutter at Elvis Shakespeare this week. The observant among us, the shop’s name alludes to its status is Leith’s finest purveyor of rare vinyl and quality literature.

Glasgow-based Erin McGrath has done a fantastic job on this one. Her illustration style is one that I really like. The beauty of it isn’t due to immense detail, in fact quite the opposite. It’s those kind of fat, sweeping lines and block colours that make this piece work. Definitely one of my favourite from the project so far.

The Leith Late team really are making that part of the city a walking exhibition at the moment. Great project and hopefully it will continue for a while longer yet.

You can check out more from Erin on her website Eerieerin.

Erin McGrath

Painting on Leith Walk…

Erin McGrath 2

Taping up.

Erin McGrath 4

Finished shutters of Elvis Shakespeare’s

Erin McGrath 5

Close-up detail

Erin McGrath 3

All images courtesy of Eoin Carey – Leith Late / Shutter Project.


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