Let’s slow things down…

Part of Marcel Knopf’s Clap Your Hands house label, and head of the popular OpenAir To Go events held in Berlin parkland, ZeitlupenUwe‘s recent mixes are always among my favourite.

Spinning a blend of downtempo house and slowmo techno, this mix is no different, recorded live at Friedrichshain’s ‘Kosmonaut’.

ZeitlupenUwe’s OpenAir To Go project brings the parks of Berlin to life musically. Invitees are asked to bring radios of varying size, with the DJ transmitting his mix via the ‘free’ frequency which they tune into. A completely DIY surround sound soundsystem! Such a fantastic concept deserves its own fantastic podcast series, it can be found here – Open Air To Go podcast series.

As a popular DJ with Clap Your Hands, a young Berlin based label founded by Marcel Knopf, Uwe’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The label has become a brand for a rough and modern approach to house music demonstrating the label’s diverse outlook without losing the focus on what is really important – the dancefloor.


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