This week for the UKB Guest Mix series I’m really happy to be able to host Bail, one third of the notorious party starters from the northwest, Beats of Rage.

This 1hr+ mix draws on bass, techno and acid house influences, but with a strong thread of electro leading you all the way through. Expect some thudding bass and bleeps from the off with wall to wall solid selections, some leaning on the obscure, that make this a musical education – strap in!

Also well worth checking out are some of Bail’s own productions, particular fan of Hokutan Horonai, a dark, techno track that I was originally put onto by Hypnotic Groove boss Jay Dub.

So, a little more on Bail and his involvement with the Beats of Rage crew. Described as “Preston’s original grimy electro & chunky house shakedown” the guys (T.F.Wizard, Hindle and, of course, Bail) aren’t afraid to wander from a well beaten track.

The Beats of Rage sound is an electronic melting pot, cutting-edge techno to off-kilter house & electro to whatever else the Beats of Rage DJ Team can throw into the mix. It’s a formula that’s received praise from notable ex-guests like Foamo, whose testimony does enough to peak my interest – “I’m not going back to Preston, they’re too mental.”

But although big-name guests might have been their primary focus in the past, they’re current mentality focusses solely on the music “…now it’s all about the party, the music, and nothing else. This has been liberating! We’ve been digging and searching, playing our favourite tunes & finding new music all the time. Back to what it’s all about.”

Taking a break for the remainder of 2014 – keep your eyes on the Beats of Rage website for 2015’s listings.



1. Miles – Plutocracy (Modern Love)
2. Broken English Club – Casual Sex (Jealous God)
3. 2 AM/FM – Maiden (Spectral Sound)
4. Peel MD – A Head Of (Borft)
5. Fake Left – Roots In The Sky (iS)
6. Phreak – Acid On (Logistic)
7. Silent Servant – Speed & Violence (Cititrax)
8. Fisherman – Dhow (Skudge White)
9. Fishermen – Palmistry (Kontra Muzik)
10. I:Cube – 123 (Versatile)
11. Cottam – Harsh Side Effects (Machine)
12. Primo – Africa (London Housing Trust)
13. Chris & Amir – Dark Memories (Anunnaki Cartel)
14. Legowelt – Are You Truly Debonair? (Bunker)
15. FC Mchn – Unkool (London Housing Trust)
16. MC Unknown – Untitled (Logistic)
17. John Heckle – Cactus Jack (M>O>S)
18. Daniel Andréasson – What’s My Name? (John Heckle Remix) (Zodiac)
19. Tapirus – I Really Hope We Can Meet Again (Midnight Shift)
20. Chris Mitchell – Aquanauts (Anunnaki Cartel)


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