We’re at the quarter-mark with UKB mix series – UKB025 marks this milestone with this deep and varied bass mix courtesy of Berlin based producer and DJ, Shu.

Having cut his teeth in music production as a guitarist, Shu’s first contact with electronic music was drum & bass and techno, before moving to Berlin from Koblenz and falling in love with the deep and dark sounds of the city’s dubstep scene.

Citing Caspa’s set at MELT! Festival in 2008 and FabricLive 37 – Caspa & Roska as two definitive moments in setting musical trajectory, these helped Shu intensify his commitment to production. He has since gone on to find himself in the world of 140bpm halftime, while also releasing 130bpm and bass music tracks.

His signature dark and deep productions have seen him follow up on his first release Quantensprung EP [BF Recordings] with further material on labels such as Indigo Movement, Bassliebe, Phantom Hertz and Gradient Audio.

His free track Rook on FatKidOnFire and several other productions have gained support from N-Type, Distance and Demon, and demonstrate the quality Shu’s releases have to offer, many of which feature in this solid mix for UKB.

Shu is part of the Signals Crew in Berlin,  who host a bi-weekly show on Rood.FM, and plays regularly in Berlin and throughout Germany. You can listen to more of his mixes via the DeepDarkDungeonDubstep blog and on London’s Basspath Radio.

But for now, enjoy his latest, UKB Guest Mix #25 – Shu.



1. Acre – Reload [Tectonic]
2. Aphix – Sin King [Keysound]
3. Hodge & Facta – Visions [Tempa]
4. Hodge – Mind Games [Hotline]
5. Beneath – Duty [Tectonic]
6. Pinch & Mumdance – Turbo Mitzi [Tectonic]
7. Facta – Poliwhirl [Wisdom Teeth]
8. Hodge & Facta – Spheres of Costa Rica [Tempa]
9. Roska – Hyperion [Tectonic]
10. Kahn & Neek – Backchat [Hotline]
11. Wen – It’s Alot [Keysound]
12. French Fries – Champagne [ClekClekBoom]
13. Peverelist – Kinetics [Magic + Dreams]
14. Dusk & Blackdown – Peng One Two [Keysound]
15. Dusk & Blackdown – Drenched (Facta Remix) [Keysound]
16. Caski – Tunnel Music [Keysound]
17. A.Motion – Swerve [Slime]
18. David Eliza – Scapegoat [Slime]
19. Djrum – Tailing [2nd Drop]
20. TRVE & Occult – ??? [Dub]
21. Gnista – I Want U Out [Dub]
22. Shu – Hatred [Dub]
23. Shu – Cause [Dub]
24. Epoch – The Steppenwolf [Keysounds]
25. Vacant – Afraid [EDM.com]
26. Luke Benjamin – Asha [Keysound]
27. Shu – Trust [Dub]


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