Regularly found DJing as one half of Les Enfants Terribles Zurich duo ‘Hug & Schiemann’ (Christian Schiemann [UKB022]), Swiss born Nicole Hug does the honours for UKB030.

I first discovered Nicole’s mixes about a year ago, having asked her DJ partner Christian Schiemann to put together a podcast following his appearance on the Friede Freude Freitag show.

Her mixes as part of the b2b act with Schiemann, but especially solo, made her podcasts a staple choice for my working day tunes! So it was with great excitement when she agreed to record just over an hour of deep tech tracks for UKB that make this mix not only a fantastic set, but a window in on a burgeoning Swiss deep tech scene that I am becoming a real fan of.

Les Enfants Terribles continue to serve up some of the best music both on their label and via a number of events in Switzerland and beyond, check out their soundcloud page for more podcasts.

Like what you hear? Then discover more of Nicole hug’s work as Frau Hug or as part of Hug & Schiemann.


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  1. Hi,
    Loving the song! My name is Francetta and Dats Muzik is about bringing an African & eclectic mix of fashion, music, photography, events & festivals to the UK via social media PR, features, reviews, playlist & blog.

    My playlist is diverse with all different genres of music and I thought it would be good for you to hear it-


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