An hour of slick micro house from Kov Rah, Paris based DJ and producer.

After striking up conversation over one of the older UKB Guest Mixes we decided to sort out his own guest appearance – this hour long techno-y microhouse mix.

Like many who enter into production, his musical background and motivation doesn’t trace its origins to a specific instrument(s), but to a place.

The place, not Paris, but London.

It was nights out at the much missed Cable and Fabric as well as 2 or 3 raves during his time there that triggered a huge desire to, as he puts it, “press a few buttons”.

Press a few buttons he now does, and with some considerable talent too.

Kov Rah swiftly followed up his London time with stints in two of my favourite European cities, Berlin and Marseille.

These days he finds himself back in Paris, a city that has definite pedigree in terms of dance music, but lacks the “culture” of those other places, in his mind.

“Historically, Paris does not have a big culture of clubbing. But it’s undeniable that there have been plenty of initiatives in the recent years.”

“A lot of clubs regularly have big names and summer is full of pretty cool places like Ferme du Bonheur, Cracki and Pavillon du Dr Pierre. But for now it’s still just a trend and has yet to become a real culture, and not a business.”

Cue this one up and let Kov Rah guide you through an hour of his selections for UKB038.


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