This week I put together a minimal mix, a genre I am becoming really enamoured with after my last mix for the UKB Guest Mix series. With a number of tracks earmarked for downloading, I was really excited to put them together this weekend.

I also recently became the owner of a new sound system in the form of Sony’s GTK-XB7, one of a trio of new High Power Audio speaker systems they’ve recently released. It’s a nifty one-box high power speaker geared for use in the home but seems to pack near enough club level quality, at least from the immediate use I had after it arrived. It can also be used on its side or vertically meaning if you’re tight on space, as I am, it sits nicely next to a chair or snuck away into a corner.

Anyway, since it arrived at my flat, I really wanted to create a mix to test out it’s “Extra Bass” function which I’d heard packed a good punch. A quick play around seemed to suggest that the rumours were indeed correct!

I put together an hour long mix of 122bpm tracks that I’ve been collecting lately from the likes of Dani Rivas, Victoria Engel and previous UKB guest Christian Schiemann to really push it – and possibly my neighbours – to the limit. This new found love of the minimal sound spawned from a week I spent in Romania last year where this sound dominated the underground music scene of the country. Since then I’ve become a little obsessed with that genre and Bucharest’s clubbing scene. 

After recording the mix I played it back via the GTK-XB7, and it’s sound quality is undeniable. The response from the massive woofers sitting at a serious 16cm each – at least twice the size of any other speakers I own, is incredible. Importantly it doesn’t sacrifice bass power above all else, the high end sounds are still seem just as crystal clear. The “Extra Bass” function I’d been itching to check out really takes the sound to a new level, you can imagine it taking control of a house party or barbecue very easily!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mix I put together, the first in a new series of UKB Resident mixes, regardless of the speaker system you use. As always, feedback both critical and positive is always welcomed so let me know what you think!


  1. Litico – Victoria Engel [Indepth MusicRec]
  2. The Phantom (Manna From Sky Remix) – Manna from Sky, Raffaeke Effe, Giovanni Savoca [Zoo Lab]
  3. Rustico – Carmelo Gargaglione [Act Natural Records]
  4. Nemea – Chad Andrew [VL Recordings]
  5. Multiple – Dani Rivas [Innocent Music Ltd]
  6. Beguda – Dani rivas [Act Natural Records]
  7. Good Reason – Christian Schiemann [Les Enfants Terribles Music]
  8. Ebony – Chad Andrew [Deep Tech Records]
  9. Something About – Pony M [Deep Tech Records]
  10. Disolve – Marina Karamarko [Deep Tech Records]
  11. Vampire (Martin Dacar Remix) – Martin Dacar, Konrad Dycke, Daniel Broesecke [Deep Tech Records]


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