This month I invited Guillaume Delattre, DJ and producer, to record a new set for the UKB Guest Mix Podcast. His mix is on the money, a set of dark and dubby minimal tech house. It makes a perfect job of representing the skills of the Frenchman who is currently on L.E.T. Music, who incidentally are very good friends of the blog.

Guillaume, like many others, cites a different genre of music as his entry point. Rap and hip-hop were the bread and butter for Delattre way back when, spending most of his time producing instrumentals and lyrics.

However, gradually electronic music took an increasingly important part in his musical career. These days it’s his passion, and I think that’s evident from this podcast.

As a good friend and colleague of previous guests Christian Schiemann and Frau Hug, I’m sure this mix will be just as well received as his L.E.T. counterparts.

If you like what you hear, contact the L.E.T. Music team for bookings and other info on Otherwise line this up and enjoy!


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