Alex Niggemann’s Singal Hills mix takes up the last mix of the month spot for 2017 with an hour of the sort of selections that can be expected on his dancefloor, from Berlin to Barcelona, and sounds that mirror those of his own successful imprint, Aeon.

I still find myself returning to play his after hours mix on Pete Tong’s show from back in 2014, and his Boiler Room set from the following year recorded in his second home, Watergate. A small demonstration of the quality and longevity of his mixes.


Signal Hills sum him up perfectly as an artist whose focus is on “referencing the spirit of classic, timeless house and techno and updating it for the future”. The staying power of these sets probably go some way to backing up that sleek definition.

But, why take my word for it? Listen to the mix and make your mind up for yourself.

Happy new year!



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