When it comes to British DJs, there are few more revered than Ben UFO.

Co-founder of the boundary pushing and ever-reliable Hessle Audio label, his reputation as a DJ has been built from hard work and an intricate understanding of how to create interesting, new music filled, varied and above all great sounding sets.

Building the immense respect of peers and dancers alike seems even more incredible given he hasn’t produced a track himself.

This latest mix recorded for the March/April issue of Mixmag has all the hallmarks of a set from Ben UFO. A range of styles, blending genres and styles together with ease generating an exciting set that has no lull or downtime.

Selections play out giving them time to breathe and allowing the listener to appreciate them fully. All in all, a class set and one that has been on constant rotation in UKB HQ the past few weeks.

Speaking with Mixmag Ben UFO said of the podcast:

“I’ve tried to record a mix which reflects the way I like to play in clubs at the moment – it’s dominated by new music, and as usual, I’m trying to thread together a variety of tempos, styles and atmospheres in a fluid and coherent way.”

“At its core this is a house and techno mix, although for the most part the rhythms are broken and the basslines are massive.”

“I’ve felt clubs around the world really open up to this slightly less linear approach to playing dance music over the past few years; it doesn’t always work, but I can’t imagine playing any other way, because when it does it’s so fulfilling and so much fun!”


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