I’m rounding off 2018 with a captivating mix from Sanna Engdahl – known on the circuit as La Fleur – performing for DJ Mag HQ’s live streamed sessions.

I’ve not managed to listen to many mixes lately but thankfully one of the ones I did catch in the last few weeks was this hour long stripped back techno mix.

Engdahl’s career to date has seen her qualify and work as a pharmacist in her native Sweden, produce her own music, and release on a label that she established herself – Power Plant Records. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also held down residencies at some of Europe’s most revered clubs, Watergate being the obvious standout.

Her work ethic is an example to all young DJs with their sights set on big things. Her hard graft has got her where she is now – and this feeds into her mixes, particularly notable in this performance.

Expertly blending tracks together, never missing a beat with a zen-like exterior throughout, her skill and knowledge of her record bag makes for a mesmerising hour of music. She (or her Social Media Manager) helpfully jumped into the comments of the Facebook live stream to help fans ID a few songs too – a really nice touch.

So, what was your mix of December 2018? Remember to drop your thoughts in the comments, or in all the usual places on social media!


Images © Mixmag / La Fleur

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