Ella & Pitr Interview with UKB

The unique, quirky and exciting French street art pairing of Ella & Pitr spoke with urbankulturblog recently to tell us a little about how they came to be, what they’ve been up to recently , and where they are headed in 2012.

Their current art project has been ongoing since 2010 and involves pasting picture frames across the world’s major cities, and asking passers-by to interact with each, and send the photographic evidence back to both Ella & Pitr. Unusual inspiration for them comes in the shape of a Newtonian quote;

‘Isaac Newton used to say that ‘Men build too many walls and not enough bridges’. The paper frames of Ella & Pitr turn walls, even the saddest ones, into bridges between the potential daily monotony and a possible desire of laughing.’

Ella & Pitr certainly have succeeded in turning walls into bridges, with thousands of documented interactions to date, and undoubtedly more to come. The popularity of this project combined with its accessibility is great for street art in general.

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