Stickers/Stencils, Edinburgh.

Having walked through a specific route to and from work for some time, I’ve become more and more aware that Edinburgh actually has quite an active, yet low key graf/street art scene. Stencil art is pretty rare, but can be found. Stickers are everywhere though. The backs of signs, lamposts, traffic lights.

I used to sort of see these things and just think it was probably a bunch of school kids with a book of stickers bored after school. But the more I thought of it, someone has gone to the trouble of making a whole load of these, some onto acrylic sticker paper, and then walked around the city putting them up. If anyone knows where any of these originate, let me know!

Freemind frog sticker is cool. Also like the ‘honest’ heart stencil. The overspray adds to it, rather than spoils it, I think!




  1. i’d be keen to know too chief. up for some collaborations, just moved to the mighty edinburgh. top stuff starting to catalogue stickers etc. Keep it going!

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