Street Art, Cologne (Koln).

Was sorting out some of my photographs from some recent trips and came across a few of some work I saw while in Cologne (Koln) at the end of 2010.

Completely forgot about these. Despite feeling maybe a little unfriendly a place from the point of view of a tourist, Cologne was a pretty cool and interesting city. That feeling was only made from a few chance meetings with some locals. We met plenty of nice ones, and some who had the patience to speak with me in German! So maybe it wasn’t as bad after all…

Anyway, before the kingdom of the euro-hipster emerged (Berlin) the coolest place in Germany for young artists to be was Cologne. But with dipping rents in Berlin by comparison, and infinitely more studio and exhibition space amongst many other factors, it slowly lost its grasp.

It felt like in Berlin it was easier to come across exhibitions/galleries and random bits of street art than Cologne…which speaks for itself.

Regardless of this, it’s still very much an active city for street art. Invader has been there recently (see first photo) and if you know where to look I’m sure there is far more to see.


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