Paste-up/stickers/stencils, Remote, Edinburgh.

Noticed Remote’s work around the New Town within Edinburgh. Predominantly Remote’s work appeared to be paste-ups with a high level of influence from the Shepard Fairey style ‘obey’ poster, but noticed some stencil and sticker work too. Not sure who the face is supposed to depict, possibly the artist? It’s not high in detail. A tantalising glimpse into Remote’s identity serving the purpose of giving middle finger to the police…maybe?

They appeared in some pretty ballsy areas in the New Town, which is part of the reason I’m a fan of them.

The ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ poster is obviously the basis for the Remote Controlled Area poster, which I only noticed recently. The state of the one I photographed suggests it has been around for a reasonable amount of time.

Look forward to catching more of Remote’s work soon!


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