Dave the Chimp, Freedom Park, Berlin.

UKB covered the Freedom Park in Berlin earlier on in September, a project that followed on from the 20th anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Freedom Park marks the creation of the wall 50 years ago.

Various street artists from around the globe were involved in painting original sections of the wall. One of the artists featured was Dave the Chimp, and thanks to http://thestreetspot.com and http://blog.vandalog.com/ we were able to see the finished product.

Dave the Chimp, Freedom Park, Berlin.

(Photo taken from http://blog.vandalog.com/2011/09/dave-the-chimp-on-the-berlin-wall/)

This piece was created to show how the wall could virtually split a family in two as many sections of the wall ran down the middle of streets. DtC’s line drawing showing a bond reaching over the wall, reminds us that many of Berlin’s citizens had relationships torn apart by the structure, and the regime behind it.

The reverse side of the wall looks like this;

Dave the Chimp, Freedom Park, Berlin

(Photo taken from http://thestreetspot.com/2011/08/berlins-freedom-park.html/davethechimp-copy)

DtC explained, via his group mail, this light hearted piece. The ‘wall’ in reference is both a wall like the Berlin wall, where people have been cruelly separated by a physical barrier that challenges those on both sides, but also a wink to the graffiti artists working in Berlin today.

The wall by DtC is one of UKB’s favourite pieces of late and we hope to get a visit to Berlin to cover some material soon.


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