UK had the pleasure this week of speaking to Heritage, a street artist hailing from California, who is involved, along with his crew (Visual Artillery, more on that later), in producing a great street art documentary. The project currently being filmed/edited is Heart Transplant : A Street Art Documentary, and follows the artists involved in the crew over 5 continents as they put their work up across the world’s major cities.

Heart Transplant is a project that “strives to bring a much-needed sense of heart to such a controversial art form”. From the trailer released for fans of the project, below, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to from this great project.

“These artists risk their lives to put their art up, for free, at hours of the day and night you’d rather be relaxing or sleeping, simply for the sake of art. We are not criminals – We are artists.”

Visual Artillery is an international street art collective with members spread across the world who in their own words “are all about the underground, and we’re all about preserving the “purity” artists have when they’re not making their art turn into a desk job”. We’re hoping to get an interview with VA at some point soon so keep checking back for progress on the project, and support the crew at Visual Artillery. UKB


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