We were in touch with a young group of artists late in 2011 as their street art documentary ‘Heart Transplant‘ began to take shape, directed by Visual Artillery, and international artist collective with members worldwide. Since then some significant developments have unfolded for the team.

With the film gathering pace, and an impressive bank of artists, several large companies have come on board to support the project. Initially a backing from Rhymesayers Entertainment, an independent hip hop label out of Minnesota with artists such as Brother Ali on their books, was a great scoop for the team. Added to this the recent confirmation of backing from paint giants Montana Colours USA, and there was serious cause for celebration.

Since then two of the members of the HT team, Skeczh and Heritage, descended on arguably the home of ‘traditional graffiti’ for some filming, and to get up in the Big Apple. Take a look at a few of the shots they sent to us below;

After speaking to Heritage and Skeczh about their trip, they were both equally excited about the footage they recorded and the work they got up. Skeczh had this to say of a particularly heart raising sequence of events;

“After a good 15 minutes in this spot, we were running out of paste and began to throw up Visual Artillery tags. Then we heard it. We heard the dreaded sirens. I don’t think I’ve ever reacted so quickly in my life. Heritage and I grabbed our backpacks, sprinted to the gate and slid under… We sprinted to the end of the block and looked back only to see a man in black peering into the very gate we just narrowly escaped from. Thank god we got that all on tape for the documentary.”

Sounds like ‘Heart Transplant : A Street Art Documentary‘ is certainly going to be one to keep an eye out for!


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