Anyone who has ever held in their hands a can of spray paint, or has ever had a slight interest in street art, will no doubt have come across the name Banksy. The name is synonymous with the scene, and the man behind it a major player in mainstream culture.

Graffiti Wars” shown on Channel 4 earlier in the year unravelled the growing war between freehand painter King Robbo and Banksy, after Banksy had allegedly incorporated a Robbo piece into his own work. What made this worse for those involved in the scene was that Robbo’s piece had stood since ’85. Within the world of graffiti this makes the painting akin to cave-man paintings of deer!

The war spiralled with Robbo and Banksy trading blows on London’s walls, until Robbo was involved in an incident, which left doctors no choice but to leave him in an induced coma.Team Robbo, a self-appointed group of Robbo’s fans spread tribute throw ups across the country, even as far as Edinburgh!

Recent developments may now suggest that at least Banksy has decided to call it quits on quite possibly the most high-profile graffiti war ever. Courtesy of Butterfly, we can reveal a new piece, allegedly painted by Banksy at the site of Robbos original wall. Butterfly says “Banksy drew the outline like King Robbo did back in 1985, and added a “spray can” candle, as a well-wisher to Robbo, currently in induced coma.”

Banksy - Camden

It’s hard to tell if this is a Banksy piece for sure, but it does provide an end to the story that has rumbled on for two years. Either way, it’s a nice bit of work in tribute to KR. Thanks to Butterfly for supplying this photo via his blog. UKB


    1. I think the series of events leading the Robbo’s current state are guarded very closely…!

      Would be interesting to find out, but doesn’t look as though the details will be released at any time soon.

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