Great news for fans of French street artist Christian Guemy aka C215 residing on the west coast of the states – his first solo show with White Walls kicks off early next month (December 10th) at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

The pieces by C215 will investigate “the motives of Cigarette ads and the iconology of smoking” according to the press release by Shooting Gallery . Chris explained a little behind his idea;

“By smoking, teenagers think they will look classy, as one 70’s advertising ironically said: “Smokers are somebody special”. I personally think nobody should begin. I, myself, had been a cigarette smoker for 20 years; I finally got rid of it in 2009 so I am now really happy to explore the social and psychological impact of smoking.”

From some of the sneak previews provided by Arrested Motion it will be a good show.

Exhibition runs from December 10th through January 7th. UKB



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