Friday 27th April sees 2 new galleries along with several artists’ workspaces open at 111 Torstrasse (near the Rosenthaler Platz U-Bahn station). Around a year ago James Bullough and friends Jonathan Gröger and Rebecca Loyche (former co-directors of the now legendary MMX gallery) took on the mammoth task of regenerating the space from good to great.

Fast forward to April 2012, the space has now been fully renovated, and on the cusp of it’s first show – entitled ‘Various‘. James describes the space as ‘a beautiful building with seven artists studios, two artist in residency apartments, and two brand new galleries in the ground level‘. The space is unusual in that it’s walls are very high, with potential for ‘very big things’. Presumably that statement can be taken to mean both height and in artistic stature!

James had used his sessions at the Cave – a secret space for street art experimentation – to prepare for a mammoth mural at the space. He’s not wrong when he says the walls are high – and as these shots from Brenn at show, the pieces are pretty spectacular.

Check out ‘Various‘ next Friday from 6pm featuring the art of James, Michael Ebert (Installation), Ingo Fröhlich (Drawing), Rebecca Loyche (Video) and Ulrike Seyboth (Painting). UKB


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