As proclaimed on their website, Tresor’s legacy forms just as big a part of Berlin’s socio-political history as it does its rich sonic heritage. To many, Tresor represents the birth of the genre, the mark of quality for enthusiasts globally and encompasses the spirit of Techno itself.

Tresor - Techno Institution in Edinburgh

Tresor – the Techno Institution visits Edinburgh

It was therefore with great anticipation and excitement that following an announcement by ‘Unseen‘ organisers and resident DJs Patrick Walker (Forward Strategy Group), Neil Templar (Dogma) and Mike Lavin, it was revealed Studio 24 would effectively be hosting a Tresor club night in Scotland’s capital city.

Unseen is a refreshing addition to the Edinburgh circuit. With the concentration being solely on deep, dark (labelled as ‘pitch black’) techno, the night has an unmatched vibe in the city with clubbers choosing to ignore the often pretentious and soulless atmosphere of nearby establishments in favour of a club night that truly knows what is important for electronic music lovers.

Unseen in full flow

It was never in doubt then, that this event led by two of the German behemoth’s residents, Pacou and Marcel Heese, was going to be anything other than a complete belter. Pacou kept the ever increasing crowd happy until the usual closing time was reached before the reins were handed over to Heese and from there on in it was back to back deep, often minimal but always powerful tracks through until the 5am finish. A telling sign of the quality of the night and DJs was that the majority of those in Studio 24 stayed until the final track faded to silence and the club lights were painfully flicked on. Truthfully, the night could have quite easily gone on until far later in the morning, if only Edinburgh had the relaxed attitude to nightclub opening times as some of its European counterparts.

So a tremendous night, and hopefully only a taste of things to come from the Unseen boys. Keep it up! UKB

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