The guys over on have been searching east London for Pablo Delgado‘s second wave of missing posters, but this time with an added twist.

Pablo’s missing posters this time actually are missing someone, they can be found within 50m of the original poster. Such a great idea, a kind of street art scavenger hunt.

His last project, ‘missing’ people posters, came with the challenge to snap all 33 and send him the evidence allowing you to claim your prize. As far as I know, no-one ever managed to lay eyes on all 33. But, if you’re in east London keep your eyes peeled, a camera handy, and your wits about you. I get the feeling there could be reward for this one too…! Check out Hookedblog’s found miniatures below. UKB

Pablo Delgado 1

Pablo Delgado 1b

Pablo Delgado 3

Pablo Delgado 3b

Pablo Delgado 2

Pablo Delgado 2b

Images courtesy of

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