The letters of Ben Eine may be familiar to many, but I recently discovered the artwork of Monsieur Qui – Paris’ very own master of the alphabet.

Some of these pieces are absolutely outstanding, and I really like the wheatpastes he has been doing too. Combining beautiful women, flowers, and skulls (minus the skin) seems to be a theme of his wheatpastes. His lettering often spelling out something disturbing or offensive, but really decoratively, or well hidden. This mashing together of the pleasant and unpleasant looks like it’s a big part of his work.

Anyway, check out the examples of his work below,  and let me know what you make of it. In a world of 1 million timelapse videos, this one does well to keep your attention. Something a bit different…


monsieur Qui – “Rotten” from monsieur Qui on Vimeo.

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