I’ll admit to inadvertently spending less time investigating street art in the states, inadvertently of course, compared to street art in Europe. There is clearly no need for me to state that there is ridiculously good work in cities throughout the US. But, well, I went and did it anyway…

One artist that has been producing top quality pieces for some considerable time is Greg Lamarche (aka SP.One), active within various scenes in the US (particularly Boston and New York) over the past 20+ years spending time developing and refining his fantastic collage typographic style. The clean and crisp lettering with the bright and bold colours really appeal to me. His latest work in Brooklyn (seen at the bottom of the article) really caught my eye…

GL Feat

Back in 1992 working primarily under his SP.One alter ego, he was responsible for bringing some New York influenced graffiti to Boston, as well as documenting the work of himself and his peers is his own magazine Skills. 

In an age where magazines were produced without the software currently available, Lamarche used a knife, and his collection of photographs to create a highly successful and respected publication.

This is something that I really admire, particularly now when we can feel overwhelmed by magazines and websites. The effort required to produce a magazine now is substantially less than 20 or so years ago when a computer played little or no part.

I’ll be making a conscious effort to be more informed about street artists working in the states over the next while, so keep an eye out for more work from over there soon.

Check out more of Greg’s work below, what do you think? UKB

GL 6 GL 5 GL 4 GL 3 GL 2

Images from greglamarche.com, brooklynstreetart.com & allcitystreetart.com

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