Over the past decade or two, street art has developed and changed to become a massive global art movement helped in no small part by the development of technology and the internet.

Whereas in the past street art was truly ephemeral, websites, blogs & Facebook pages have allowed thousands (even millions) of people to discover and experience street art remotely for as long as the content is available online.

Without these developments, it could be said that the latest ‘GIF-fiti’ work from London based street artist Insa would probably never have existed in this latest format.

Like the animated graffiti of BluInsa’s work has been painstakingly painted, re-painted, and re-painted again to produce animated GIFs, which obviously, are intended to be viewed online (or at least on a PC of some description).

A really interesting and very smart way to make the experience of viewing street art online more meaningful than seeing the piece in situ.  UKB

Insa / Unga
Insa Unga Gifiti 4

Insa Gif Fiti 3
Insa / Rone
Insa Rone Gifiti 2

Featured image from ldngraffiti.co.uk

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