Last month Berlin-based American-born duo JBAK took off to Arizona to complete 2 murals during a short stay. The first of which went up in Scottsdale – you can check it out on urbankulturblog here – a fine piece to start the trip.

The second was chosen to be the subject of a short film by Kitchen Sink Studios, who documented the painting of the mural in Phoenix as well as the inspirations, thoughts and experiences of Karl Addison and James Bullough in the build up, execution and aftermath.

It is the pair’s biggest undertaking to date, an enormous mural which slips onto the Arizonan skyline in familiar desert sunset hues.

image from 'tallest mural in arizona' film



While the mural itself is fantastic – a ‘turning point’ in the JBAK story as Bullough points out – it’s the complete project with the Kitchen Sink Studios’ production that really takes it to an all new level.

Forget those tedious timelapses that get posted each week on Facebook. Forget the familiar artist profile videos that do little else than waste a couple of minutes of your day.

Sit down. Watch this…UKB

JBAK – The Tallest Mural In Arizona from Kitchen Sink Studios ®, INC. on Vimeo.

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